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Shoring is one of our main areas of activity, with our very wide range of shoring towers and technical props. Our objectives are to offer very large volumes of shoring available for rental in each of our branches and to present innovations each year that improve performance, ergonomics and price levels.

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+ More than 100,000 m² of ALTRADAL formwork is the formwork surface that we can offer to our customers for rent throughout France in our 11 branches.
+ More than 20,000 m² of SECUTABLE formwork is also available for rent on the same sites.
+ More than 20,000 m² of these horizontal formwork systems were sold this year and now equip many of our customers.

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Coffrage vertical


Did you know that? We are the 4th largest supplier of French-style metal panels and have been distributing around the world, approximately 8,000 m² of panels per year since 2007 with a total of 100,000 m² sold in over 10 years. Our constant developments have elevated our efficient JALFORM panel to the level of leaders, while maintaining a price level well below the current market.

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2,000 tonnes of specific steel formwork was developed, manufactured and delivered this year. This type of formwork has enabled us to provide our customers with many innovative and economical solutions.

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10 km is the linear of JALSEC platforms (PTE) available for rent. The modularity of this efficient platform dedicated to rental companies allows its users to save a very large quantity of specific decks, thus cutting wood and labour for its preparation. It is also very compact 70 ml per semi-trailer. The price is again below the average levels applied to the sale.

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This is our common thread! We are constantly seeking to improve the safety of the companions on the sites we equip. We have many safety equipment such as fences, posts, railings, etc.

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