The product

ALTRADAL is a modular aluminium slab formwork system. It consists of a set of beams and panels that make up the formwork support. This solution offers greater flexibility in the implementation of the formwork.


  • Comfort & safety thank to the low weight of the beams on the panels and beams
  • The installation of the elements is done from below
  • More frequent reuse of equipment thanks to the quick release of formwork, allowing the same floor production to be carried out with less material than any other beam system
  • 2 people are sufficient for implementation
  • Reduced handling costs thanks to the storage basket that conditions the equipment

Technical description

The aluminium beams rest on the moving part of the formwork head through the "primary beams" that receive the "secondary beams" or panels.

The primary beams can also accommodate other primary beams. The movable part of the formwork head, by lowering after manoeuvring the circular lock, allows all the beams and panels to descend to the "stripping" position while leaving the slab supported on the head.

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