The product

ALUstrop is a horizontal formwork system for different surfaces. The formwork and stripping system is simple for quicker installation.


  • Attractive price (for floors over 100m²)
  • Lightweight structure
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Efficient assembly and disassembly ≈0,2H/m² (Traditional ≈0,55H/m²)
  • Easy formwork and stripping
  • Durability of the elements (Environmentally resistant materials.)
  • On-site equipment rotation
  • Smooth formwork surface

Technical description

The basic element of the ALUstrop system is an aluminium panel available in different sizes. This wide range of panels, supplemented by an adjustable panel, ensures that the unit will fit all types of floors. The maximum slab thickness is 50cm. The panels are supported by props equipped with panel support heads. The keys can be filled with adjustable panels, compensation beams, cross beams or rafters supported by wooden head support plates. The compensation and cross beams being elements of the ALUstrop system are used to form around columns.

Technical documentation
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