The product

The JALFORM formwork enables wall formwork to be produced using high-performance equipment that is easy to set up and at an economical cost.


  • Adapts to the needs
  • Competitive thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio
  • Long shelf life
  • More services with complementary accessories available: cones, rods, plates, nuts, block moulds, concrete, etc.
  • Packable and collapsible solution
  • Faster and more accurate assembly

Technical description

The casing side has a 4mm thick steel sheet, laser cut.

This solution includes original equipment: peripheral protection, end gate, platform with composite trap door, ladder, under rise, inside and outside angles stabilizer for wind V=85km/h.

Collective safety is ensured during its use thanks to the footbridge, rear and front guardrail, etc.

Standard heights (in meters): O.50 / 1 / 1.50 / 2.80

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